Catfishing Tips and Secrets Exposed


When it comes to fishing, one class of fish that is widely known is the catfish. Catfishing has grown to become much loved in various parts of the globe. So you should not be baffled to understand that many have taken interest in it. Catfishing tips ensure that you maximize your chances of success whenever you are fishing. With knowing these tips you conserve time and energy, and you also get to come home with something you enjoy. Gathering the right information is important and once you get the correct catfishing tips that you seek, you migrate from being an amateur into a professional in no time.

One aspect of catfishing tips that you need to know and appreciate very much is the time of the day that you select to do your fishing. Although there is considerable liberty as to when you may decide to go for catfishing, some periods of time are clearly better than others, so why settle for less? To get the best results, you need to schedule your fishing at a time when the catfish will be feeding. This is because they move to the upper layers of the water in large numbers when they scour for food. Try fishing during night time to test your luck, especially one without the moon being too visible. The early hours of the morning are also a very good time period to fish.

Another of the catfishing tips that you need to consider is putting the environment into consideration when you go fishing. The depth of the water body is also an important factor. The availability of the catfish is also determined by the currents of the water. If the area is windy by nature, that is better because larger amounts of food are available and this tempts the catfish to come to the top and forage for food.

Your catfishing tips are not complete until you incorporate the kind of bait that is to be used. The type of bait is crucial to your success in catfishing. You need to know that the best bait for catfish are those that smell strongly and taste well (to the catfish). This is premised on the fact that catfish depend on the sense of smell. For such type of baits, the popular examples are worms, shad, chicken liver, prawns and other crustaceans. It is also not advisable that you make use of frozen bait, the fresh ones produce better results. Apart from the baits that have been mentioned earlier on, it is also very good if you can come up with baits that you prepare for yourself. If they work for you then stick to them.

For catfishing tips, the type of tackle that you employ is also quite important. With the wrong tackle, you will get disappointing results. The 2/0 eagle claw bait holder hooks are highly recommended for various reasons. By using them, they allow for better gripping of the fish and reduces the chances of their sliding off the hook, unlike as in some other kinds of hooks. These are features that are very important considering the fact that the catfish can be very aggressive and uncooperative.

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